APRIL 2016:  (Topics: How to handle a mortgage rate rise.   Is a SMSF right for you?   Three insurance myths exposed.)

BREXIT:  What does it mean?

JUNE 2016:   (Topics: Tax tips for financial year end.   Master the mess – managing tax receipts.   Run your personal finances like a company.)


JULY 2016:  (Topics: Australian growth resilient in touch times.   An alternate solution to investing in property.   I’ll stop procrastinating… tomorrow.)

AUGUST 2016:  (Topics: How to avoid an ATO audit.    Focus on Australia’s credit rating.    Property: Rent, buy or invest?)

SEPTEMBER 2016: (Topics: ATO Audits are on the rise!   Running for cover.   Tax Alert September 2016.)

OCTOBER 2016:  (Topics: Super gets a makeover, again.   Budget your way into the black.   Chasing yield in a low interest world.)

NOVEMBER 2016:  (Topics: Saving for retirement: the big picture.   The positives of negative gearing.   Time to protect your income.)

DECEMBER 2016:  (Topics: How to play the Trump card.   Count your blessings this holiday season.   Silly season scams: how to stay safe

JANUARY 2017:  (Topics: 2016 Year in Review: A global seachange.    Fire up your small business in 2017.    New Year’s resolutions – psych your way to success.

FEBRUARY 2017:  (Topics: Fast track your home loan.    Using tax for effective property investing.    Honesty the best policy with life insurance.

MARCH 2017:  (Topics: Countdown to super deadline.   How to make retirement less taxing.    Champagne digital footprint on a beer income = tax trouble.

APRIL 2017:  (Topics: Australia still punching above its weight.   Tax and the super afterlife.   Cloud computing – the silver lining for your business.

MAY 2017:  (Topics: Stay Safe from scams at tax time. When disaster strikes. Your credit rating score. 

JUNE 2017:  (Topics: Get ready for June 30. Tax alert 2017. Escape the winter blues. 

JULY 2017:  (Topics: New Financial Year, new start. Global markets & uncertainty. Rental property deductions tightened.  

SEPTEMBER 2017:  (Topics: Preparing for climbing interest rates. Life insurance inside or outside super.  

OCTOBER 2017:  (Topics: Expand your horizons with ETF’s & LIC’s. Cars & Tax – what can you claim? Using dividends to rev up returns.