Start Your Retirement Planning in Brisbane
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Why Plan for Your Retirement Today?

Today is the best time to think about the choices you have on how you want to spend your time in retirement.

Do you want to travel around Australia or even abroad? Volunteer at a local charity? Finish writing your book? Start your own business?  

Your chosen lifestyle could be difficult to achieve without proper retirement planning, which involves a sound financial strategy. 

Planning for your retirement today will help you assess your financial situation and check whether you are on your way towards your ideal retirement. 

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Checklist for a Happy Retirement

Here are the things that you need to do so you can prepare for a comfortable retirement: 

  • Get clear on what your ideal retirement looks like. Write it on a piece of paper so you know what exactly you want 
  • Make a list of possible expenses during retirement, which includes age care services, medical fund, home renovations, etc 
  • Find out where you will get your income or money to fund your ideal retirement (government pension, superannuation, private investments) 
  • Develop a debt settlement plan so you have zero debt once you are retired 
How Much Money Should You Prepare to Retire in Brisbane

In theory, how much money you should prepare in retirement depends on how long you are expected to live. To determine how much you need to retire, you must first look at how much do you need to survive on retirement in Brisbane. 

According to the calculations of the Association of Superannuation Funds in Australia (ASFA), an Australian couple needs $58,128 per year to live a comfortable retirement. If you retire by age 60, the age expectancy is 15 years so you will need around $880,000 lump sum. 

Talk to a Retirement Specialist Today

It is not always easy to develop a retirement plan. Plus, the rules surrounding the age pension in Australia are always changing. 
If you don’t have the time and the background to keep up with these changes, it is best to work with a professional
retirement adviser.

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