Financial Advice

At Vault we offer financial advice and strategy to clients who have a varied range of financial goals and needs.


We were referred to a couple in their early 40s with two young children, who were struggling to make ends meet despite their combined family income of $365K.  They had a home loan of $925K, investment home loan of $425K and a personal loan to a family member of $168K.  Their combined credit card debt was $47K, they owed $56K on a car, had a tax liability of $21K, combined super of $241K but no insurance (other than that inside their superannuation funds) and no will/estate plan in place.  They couldn’t afford holidays, luxury items, restaurants or even the movies. They had no savings, no health insurance and the family car was uninsured.  The husband was a reformed gambler, a heavy smoker and drinker who held an executive role.  His wife worked part-time on a basic wage and she dreamed of sending the children to private schools.  They needed help and fast.


Firstly, we established an SMSF, rolled over both super funds into it and made application for life/TPD/income protection insurance inside the SMSF.  Next we consolidated all the loans/debt into two separate loans – a home loan and investment loan – and paid out all sundry creditors including the family member.  This reduced their financial commitment by $1350/month, and insured the family car plus the homes.  We advised them to start a health fund and we set up an education fund, drew up wills and an extension estate plan.  We also noticed they didn’t have a depreciation schedule for their investment property so after reviewing their tax returns for the last two years, we were able to claim $17K in back payments for them. There were NO out-of-pocket costs to the couple.  They now have a life, can afford to take a small annual family holiday and have started saving.  We diversified the SMSF, which is now their primary investment vehicle into cash, property and shares.  Shortly afterwards, we received a lovely Christmas card from the whole family – a photo taken up the coast.  They have since referred three other friends in similar situations.

Financial Advice

Wealth Creation

+ Explore investments such as managed funds, property & share portfolios specific to your situation to help build your wealth.

+ Investing is a powerful wealth-creation tool. Some questions you should consider when investing your money include:

  • What are my medium and long term financial goals?
  • How much money should I invest and for how long?
  • Should I invest my money in shares, property or both?
  • What are the tax implications of my investment?
  • Is my adviser licensed to provide financial advice?

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Personal Insurance and Wealth Protection

+ Insurances such as life, TPD, trauma & income protection can safeguard your investments and your family should the unexpected occur.

+ Protecting your personal & financial wealth is essential in managing your future financial security.  The single most important investment you will ever have is your ability to earn an income.  Your income puts food on the table, provides you with your home, pays your bills and helps maintain your standard of living.  Some of the questions you should consider when protecting your wealth include:

  • What type of protection & cover should I have?
  • How much protection should I have to mitigate the risk to my family and my investments?
  • Does the cost come from my own personal pocket after tax or from my superannuation?
  • Can I be sure that my coverage is from a reputable insurer?
  • Will my adviser analyse my needs and research several options to determine the best cover for me?

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Estate Planning Advice

+ A will, enduring power of attorney and a comprehensive estate plan provide the framework that ensures your estate will be managed according to your instructions.

+ Vault has a professional relationship with Bennett & Bennett Lawyers who can help you identify and provide instructions on:

  • the benefits of having a comprehensive estate plan
  • how your estate is dealt with if you die or are unable to make decisions in the future
  • how your superannuation and other investments are to be managed in your absence

You can find out more about the benefits of having an estate plan here

SMSFs and Superannuation

+ SMSFs (self-managed super funds) and superannuation strategies should be fully considered so you can be sure you are working towards a personally appropriate retirement income.

+ Vault can help you establish, implement and manage your plan for retirement or revisit your current super arrangements to check they’re still on track to deliver the best outcome for you.  SMSFs and superannuation are our specialty.  Book an appointment to speak with one of our advisers to help you navigate issues such as:

  • how much superannuation you will need to live comfortably in retirement
  • the difference between a regular superannuation fund and an SMSF and which is right for you
  • what the benefits of an SMSF are
  • the type of investment strategy you should have in place to reach your goals

To start or review your plans for retirement and learn more about SMSFs and superannuation, click here

Tax Strategies

+ The implementation of a tax-effective strategy can help to build your wealth.

+ At Vault we only employ qualified financial advisers and accountants whose primary role is to provide you with the information and knowledge you need to build your wealth.  Be assured that our team will identify and explain all of the necessary tax implications of any investment and answer any questions you may have, such as:

  • What is gearing?
  • How can a share portfolio provide me with tax benefits?
  • Can I afford a property as an investment?
  • How can my business be structured better to obtain tax advantages?

Learn more about tax-effective strategies for you as an individual or for your business here

Property Advice and Lending

+ We provide quality advice on investment property choices and assistance with finding the right lender for your circumstances.

+ At Vault we understand property and can help you identify a property for investment through superannuation or as a personal investment.  We have worked with many lenders so can guide you on your loan options and help you select the most appropriate loan for your property. As a central point of contact between you and the lender, we can also assist with the necessary paperwork to set up the loan.

Before proceeding, you might want answers to questions such as:

  • What cashflow will be required to purchase and maintain an investment property?
  • What type of property will suit me as an investment?
  • What are the benefits of purchasing a property inside an SMSF?
  • Do I need a tax depreciation schedule?

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All of our financial advisers are qualified, experienced & registered professionals who have assisted client from all walks of life across all budget levels.

We can discuss different investment strategies with you and help you understand terminology such as ‘gearing’ and ‘dollar cost averaging’ as well as tailoring the most suitable investment platform to help you reach your goals sooner.