Week three and I’m slowly getting into a routine while working from home, however I have been able to adjust my timetable at the gym, I’m gaining extra hours sleep 3 days a week. I have had the opportunity to drive my son to school (well he drives me, he’s a learner) we get to talk, and communicate, discuss and of course I give him the odd driving tip, he has mastered the roundabout, finally. As I’m working from home with wife, we have found we are getting so much more done in “the office” we invested in stand-up desk, I wasn’t sold on them initially, and I must admit the first week was a grind, but now, I’m standing more and more every day.

I have also noticed that we aren’t eating lunch out as much, plus we sit down and talk over lunch, have a cup of tea and occasionally do some housework (washing etc.) we cook extra on the weekend and have leftovers for lunch, bonus, plus its healthier all round. I’m also home on time for dinner 4 nights a week, as opposed to heating my dinner up in the microwave most nights. The one downside we have noticed, and it won’t be far away is the AGL bill will be through the roof, the A/C has been getting a work, the only offset is that we are getting a WFH allowance every fortnight, that may help.

Working From Home

The winner for me is the amount of time I have regained, driving into office in the past would consume 10 hrs per week, over a year I added back a total of 64 days in wasted travel time, that’s massive, plus the hidden benefits, less wear / tear on the car, less fuel etc. I hardly drive the car at all these days, maybe taking my son to school occasionally and then parking the car at the station and catching the train into town. (WOW a total of 6 ks round trip) I have also been able to adjust my working “day” I have extended out my appointment time 4 days a week and taking the majority of Friday offs, which makes sense, now that we are starting to open up, I have a busy schedule catching up with friends for long overdue lunches on a Friday.

I made myself a promise that when I was finished work I would turn the computer off, shut the door and don’t go back in until the next day, maybe the first week that didn’t work so well, but now, its easy, up early (0430 hrs) smash out emails, go to the gym come home, eat breakfast and be seated by 0730hrs ready to battle on. Done and dusted most days by 1715 hrs and off to pick the young bloke up from school or start cooking dinner.

The underlying benefits that you don’t take into consideration, less washing, as I’m not wearing corporate attire every day, board shorts and collared shirt, all good. Less dry-cleaning expense, most weeks $35 so saving $1680 per annum. There is a raft of other smaller benefits, however the noticeable difference is my productivity has been pushed through the roof, like most busy people I was always living on “catchup” not now, I have offered to take on other tasks, and still managing to squash everything in without missing any deadlines.

Hindsight tells me I should have adopted this 18 months ago.