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What are the Benefits of Getting a Loan for Property Investment ?
What are the Common Requirements for Property Finance in Brisbane?
What are the Benefits of Getting a Loan for Property Investment?

Real estate is a hallmark of Australian wealth. But not everyone has the ready cash to buy a property. One way to acquire a property for possible rental business is through an investment loan. 

Here are the benefits of getting a loan for property investment:

  • You can quickly buy a property instead of saving enough money which takes years 
  • There’s no need to worry about mortgage repayments if the rental income is higher than loan repayments
  • If you have chosen a good location, the value of the property will increase, providing you with more equity (or money if you sell) 
  • Some investment property taxes can be claimed back at the end of the year in the form of rebates 
  • You can use your existing investment property to get another mortgage so you can scale up your rental business even without the ready cash
What are the Common Requirements for Property Finance in Brisbane?

Every investment loan provider in Brisbane has its own set of criteria and requirements to determine your eligibility. But in general, banks and non-bank lenders will require you the following supporting documents: 

  • Personal background (age, residency, civil status) 
  • Employment (payslips, business registration if self-employed, PAYG) 
  • Financial health (income, assets, liabilities, deposits, credit score, expenses) 
  • The property you want to buy

Even though property investors usually face stricter lending criteria and higher interest rates, lenders are often willing to approve higher amounts as the rental income can help with the repayments.

Investment Loan Providers are Waiting For You

Vault has a network of investment property lenders in Brisbane, so we can guide you on your loan options and help you select the best loan for your property. 

We provide quality advice on investment property choices and assistance with finding the right lender for your circumstances. 

As a central point of contact between you and the lender, we can also assist with the necessary paperwork to set up the loan.

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Before proceeding, you might want answers to questions such as:

  • What cashflow will be required to purchase and maintain an investment property?
  • What type of property will suit me as an investment?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing a property inside an Self Managed Super Fund?
  • Do I need a tax depreciation schedule?

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