At Vault we understand property and can help you identify a property for investment through superannuation or as a personal investment.


We provide quality advice on investment property choices and assistance with finding the right lender for your circumstances. We have worked with many lenders so can guide you on your loan options and help you select the most appropriate loan for your property. As a central point of contact between you and the lender, we can also assist with the necessary paperwork to set up the loan.

Before proceeding, you might want answers to questions such as:

  • What cashflow will be required to purchase and maintain an investment property?
  • What type of property will suit me as an investment?
  • What are the benefits & disadvantages of purchasing a property inside an SMSF?
  • Do I need a tax depreciation schedule?

Talk to us and learn more about your next potential property investment by sending your enquiry here, or call us now on (07) 3608 6800.