Business Coaching

There are Tax Accountants and then there is
Vault Business Advisors

We don’t like comparisons because it’s not a level playing field.
At Vault, we just do things a little differently.

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Real Business Experience

Our idea of business advisory is not just a junior accountant who analyses figures – it’s a business owner with years of experience who understands your business and talks business with you. We’ve seen the good and the bad, and are more than happy to share our views with you.


A Talented Team

With a strong accounting team completing your business accounts early, we have the tools to analyse your business and give you current financial information, so you can make informed decisions.


Hard Conversations

We’re not afraid to have the hard conversations with you and won’t shy away from areas where we think things need to change for the good of your business. You shouldn’t expect sugar coating or affirmations when rapid change is needed.


Present And Future Focus

At Vault, we talk about the future, not just the immediate situation. Our experience in business succession and sales has shown us what happens when the future isn’t properly planned out, and transactions aren’t tax efficient or tax effective. We want to protect you from that outcome. All our accountants are business advisors who work hard to understand your business completely – so we can see the edge of the cliff before you get to it. With us, you always get more than just numbers!

Our Core Values

As we aim to become the best business advisors in Brisbane, we are guided with the following core values: