Not your
ordinary accountants.

A novel company with an innovative mindset, Vault Business Advisors was founded as a commercial accounting and advisory firm, recognizing the necessity for business owners to extract value from their compliance.

Established in response to the identified gap between conventional accounting services and business advising, Vault Business Advisors operates as a commercial advisory firm, dedicated to optimizing your business outcomes. Whether your business is flourishing or in need of assistance, we are committed to assisting you at any stage. Our distinctive approach, grounded in our unique process, is our pride; we unapologetically stand out by offering advice and willingly collaborating with you to discover commercial solutions for any challenge.

The Vault Approach

At Vault, we do things a little differently, let’s break it down.

We Deliver

Experience reliability in action. At Vault, we don't sell pipedreams, Our team always delivers on exactly what we say we will.

We Think

You ask, we will give you solutions not just answers. Your questions prompt thoughtful solutions tailored to your businesses needs.

We Communicate

We understand that getting an answer is often hard, or that calls are not returned. We will communicate with you throughout your involvement with us.

We Care

We will understand your business, to know what is important to you and help you achieve it.

We Celebrate

We want our clients to succeed and we will celebrate that success with you.

What our Clients say.

Clients of Vault since 2016, So obviously happy with the service. It's been a struggle over the years to find a good accountant but now we have, we will be staying with Vault. Working with the team has been a pleasure and they are always quick to sort out any problems or questions.

Rebecca Percival Client

Very happy with Vault’s services. After having issues with my previous tax accountant I found Vault through google and engaged them based on their reviews. Very happy I did. They were very professional and thorough with explaining everything to me and very efficient and fast. Would highly recommend.

Aaron Ivory Client

Vault once again provided a fantastic service. Similar to the past few years, their team was very responsive and always took the time to explain their outcome for each individual income tax. For someone who doesn't entirely understand this field, it is incredibly beneficial.

Andrew Bufalino Client

Wonderful service received via Vault- very responsive at all times. From my initial enquiry, followed by an assessment to determine my requirements through to efficient processing of my tax return. Absolutely brilliant especially given how busy this team must be. Thank you all so much.

Robyn Molloy Client

Vault Business Advisors is now The Accountants