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Bookkeeping is a crucial part of doing business but it is often time-consuming if you do it yourself. But most small businesses don’t want to hire a full-time bookkeeper because the work volume isn’t high or they can’t afford the salary. 

A sweet spot in this dilemma is to hire bookkeeping services, which is cost-effective. You can be sure that your books are managed professionally, leaving you to  focus your time and effort in growing your business. 

At Vault, we have professional bookkeepers who can handle the following tasks: 

  • Accounts receivables 
  • Accounts payables
  • Credit reconciliations
  • Bank reconciliations 
  • Payroll and STP
  • Superannuation 
  • Creditors and debtors reporting
  • Accounting reports (P&L, Balance Sheet) 
  • Accruals
  • Preparation of Management Reports
  • Regular P & L analysis 
  • Fixed asset register management
  • Cloud accounting software management 

Our experienced bookkeeping team has many years of hands-on experience with small and medium enterprises and has comprehensive knowledge and skills in accounting compliance in Brisbane.

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The Cost of Hiring a Bookkeeper in Brisbane

The cost of getting the services of a bookkeeper in Brisbane largely depends on two areas -accounting application and data entry. 

Basic bookkeeping services, which only involve data entry costs less than a service that involves other accounting tasks like balancing books and preparing analysis reports.

The expertise of the bookkeeper is also an important factor that may affect the price. Bookkeepers that are working under a chartered accountant are normally available for higher rates but can guarantee good work and added layers of protection.  

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