Business Restructuring

Transformational Business Restructuring

Our business restructuring services are crafted to empower organizations facing the complexities of change and evolution. With a deep understanding of the diverse challenges businesses encounter, our dedicated team of experts brings a strategic and holistic approach to the restructuring process. Whether your business is navigating financial distress, operational inefficiencies, or seeking to optimize its structure for better performance, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

From comprehensive financial analysis to strategic planning and implementation, we guide businesses through every stage of the restructuring journey. Our goal is to not only mitigate challenges but also to position your organization for sustained growth and success. With a focus on adaptability and resilience, Vault’s business restructuring services aim to transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring that your business emerges stronger and more agile in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment.

Things change constantly throughout a business’s life cycle, and a business restructure may be the solution for your situation, whether it’s to:

  • protect your assets
  • improve your tax position
  • deal with a change of business owner
  • respond to changes in legislation.

Every small business restructure is unique, and the need to manage complex relationships can influence decisions and outcomes. Therefore, our business restructuring services include guiding clients through the challenge of managing stakeholder communication during a restructure. It takes a village to restructure a business and our team is here to help. Our consultants understand every aspect of a restructure, including tax implications and, where relevant, navigating the insolvency maze.


Our Process

We know the decision to restructure can be tough for business owners. But often the hardest part is just deciding to start the process, not the process itself. The restructure process is different for every business, and each restructure follows a different, and not necessarily simple, course. In our first conversation with you, we aim to understand your overall situation and consider the options available. At this point, we try to collect as much financial and general information as possible. After this meeting, we’ll usually come back to you within 24 hours with a game plan and the steps forward. We will also try to meet with your accountants or bookkeepers during this time, and introduce you to any professionals that will help us during the process. From this point on, the process for your restructure depends on many factors and the situation is quite fluid. However, we do aim to complete a business restructure within 7 days and implement a carefully managed process from there.


Starting the restructure process

If you have significant business difficulties, you should start early.

The earlier you start the restructure process:

  • the more likely that your business can trade its way out of its position
  • the sooner that negotiations with stakeholders can begin.

Many businesses leave restructuring until it’s almost too late, which can be problematic. Don’t wait for a garnishee notice or wind-up application before seeking advice. It never results in a successful restructure.

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