The Vault Difference

Accountants for the future

At Vault, we have realised that the old way of doing accounting is over. Like all businesses in this time, we need to adapt to the times. This means making the most of digital technology, staying agile, and providing a more personal service than accountants have offered in the past. It’s a new day and Vault has adjusted accordingly.

Flexible work practices

A flexible work environment is key in our business. We believe that each staff member should find a solution that works best for them. So while we do retain a small, shared, physical office, our team generally works from home. Read more about our WFH model. Similarly, we run our client meetings online where possible. We know that travel time is wasted time, so this option gives you more meeting time and less travel time.

Fixed price billing

Firms that retain large offices and expensive overheads can’t be nimble and must time bill to justify their existence. In contrast, our agile approach means we can offer you fixed price billing. We’re not rewarded for inefficient business practices or time spent researching what we should already know!

Early preparation and turnaround

At Vault, we don’t wait until May to start your work. We’ve run our own businesses and also hate the end-of-May surprise with our accounts. So while other firms leave everything until late, we promise a rapid turnaround of your financial accounts. We engage early in the financial year to complete your financial statements before December, rather than May. This allows us to spend each new year helping you with business planning and improvement, rather than madly catching up on previous work.

Regular invoicing and engagement

Like all businesses, we need stable cash flow and know you do too. Therefore, we invoice clients monthly rather than a once a year when the accounts are handed over. This also keeps us engaged with your business, so we continue to understand how your business is progressing throughout the year and what you need from us.

Highly trained professionals

We don’t rest on our laurels at Vault. We invest in regular training, education and business development for every member of our staff to continually upgrade and improve our skills and knowledge. We also spend time working through client scenarios to ensure staff understand your specific business and issues.

Regular invoicing and engagement

When we’re not doing digital meetings, we come to you in person, particularly for our first meeting. We prefer to meet at your business premises so we can physically see your business and where we can help. We also promise to speak your language, not some obscure dialect that only accountants understand. It’s important that we have a real conversation about your business. We’ll ask what we can do to help you, rather than assuming based on past financial figures. Overall, we aim to give you the most practical business advice based on a full understanding of your business. We want to be more than just accountants – we want to be part of your team!

Vault Business Advisors is now The Accountants