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Affordable Tax Services for Individuals
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Understand Tax Effective Strategies in Brisbane

Paying taxes is inevitable. You can’t evade your tax obligations, and we strongly discourage bad practices to avoid paying your dues. 

But whether you are an individual or business in Brisbane, there are tax-effective strategies that you can employ to legally minimise your tax. 

At Vault, we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses to cost-effectively manage their taxes and financial affairs.

Affordable Tax Services for Individuals

Our tax specialists at Vault are experienced in providing income tax services for all companies, individuals, sole traders, partnerships and SMSF. These services include: 

  • electronically lodging tax returns
  • calculating depreciation schedules
  • establishing partnerships and partnership agreements
  • partnership taxation

Our integrated approach provides better scope for us to determine areas for improvement. We identify and recommend robust tax strategies that will help you to reach your financial goals faster.

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Reliable Tax Services For Brisbane Businesses

Aside from individual tax services, our team can also provide your company with the following corporate tax services: 

  • goods and services tax (GST/BAS/IAS) registration, preparation and lodgement
  • ABN and TFN applications with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • pay-as-you-go tax (PAYG) variations
  • preparation of annual company accounts, financial statements and income tax returns
  • In house bookkeeping services
  • Payroll, STP and Superannuation 
  • capital gains tax (CGT) calculations and planning
  • company tax planning
  • establishing new corporate structures ( Company and or Trust ) 
  • managing your ASIC compliance

At all times, our clients remain fully compliant, but we never stop looking for ways to minimise your tax. If a deduction is possible, we’ll find it for you.

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FAQs About Choosing Accounting Firms in Brisbane

  • When do I need to hire a tax accountant?

    You’ll save hundreds of dollars if you prepare your own taxes. Going the DIY way is recommended if your tax situation is very simple, you have a solid understanding of taxation and if you have the spare time.

    But there are situations where doing your own tax may lead to problems. It’s time to hire a registered tax accountant if:

    • You have a complicated tax situation
    • You are self-employed ( sole trader )
    • You have minimal knowledge in taxation
    • You don’t have time to prepare your taxes properly
    • You haven’t prepared or lodged a return for many years
    • You have foreign income
    • You have investment income from property or shares
    • You have bought and sold investment assets
    • You have received a Death Benefit from a Superannuation Fund
    • You are receiving a Military Pension
    • You are on a working Visa
    • Your income is above average
  • What do tax accountants do?

    Tax accountants are finance professionals who specialise in taxation. They either work with both individuals and businesses to manage taxes, financial records, and audits.

    Tax accountants who work with individuals are often in charge of tax preparation where they help clients to minimise their tax obligations.

    They can help you properly fill out tax forms, advise you on possible financial moves that can affect your taxes and file taxes with the proper documentation so you receive all possible deductions.

    If you are under audit, the tax accountant can handle the audit for you to make sure that you can get through the process without paying heavy fines.

    Tax season can be stressful for both individuals and businesses, let you tax accountant do all the heavy lifting.

  • How much does it cost to hire a tax accountant in Brisbane?

    The cost of tax accounting services in Brisbane varies depending on the service you are looking for.

    For example, bookkeeping services cost around $ 60 to $ 100 per hour, while personal tax services are at approx $ 110 to $ 360 per hour.

    For business tax accounting services, the average rate is around $ 180 to $ 360 per hour.

    But take note that this is a general estimate, and the cost will vary depending on your circumstances and scope of work. Most tax accountants will provide you with a fixed fee quote prior to starting your work.

  • How to choose a tax accountant?

    The best way to choose a tax accountant is to meet face to face or via online video call. This will help you get an impression of the tax accountant and also for the accountant to understand your circumstances. 

    During the meeting, you should ask important questions such as the following:

    • What types of clients do you usually work with?
    • Can you provide any reviews?
    • Are you available year-round or just during tax season?
    • What strategies do you usually employ to minimise tax obligations?
    • How much is the cost of your service?
    • What tax programs do you use?
    • How often do you report to your clients? 

    Certainly, you must always choose a tax accountant who is duly licenced to practice and who holds professional indemnity insurance and is a member of the industry body. Ie IPA / NTAA