Individual Tax

Today our lives are so busy that, some years, tax returns can be an afterthought. In other years, you may need access to your tax refund as quickly as possible. That’s why, at Vault, we promise to complete your return quickly and effectively. Our experienced tax agents will work with you to maximize the refund amount you’re eligible for.


Do You Need A Tax Agent?

Some individuals have very simple finances, so they don’t need a tax agent to complete their tax return for them. However, other individuals may have investment properties, direct shares, managed funds, capital gains tax, multiple employers or non-standard deductions. These can be more complex, so it helps to have an expert prepare your return for you.


Speed And Efficiency

At Vault, we have an online tax return service that is efficient, fast and works to maximize your return. We have an amazing 95% return rate for our clients – and for good reason. In the last financial year, our team completed clients’ tax returns before Christmas! We pride ourselves on completing tax returns in the fastest possible time.


Our Simple Process

When you contact us to request our tax return service, a member of our team will reach out to you within 24 hours to get your return underway. We will ask you to send us your paperwork. You don’t need to bring us your shoebox of receipts – just upload a copy to our secure digital platform using the link we’ll send you. We will check your documentation and ask you for more information if necessary. Try to provide this quickly so we can submit your return to the ATO as soon as possible. We try to keep questions to a minimum to keep things rolling. If you have any questions, we aim to answer them on the same day you ask them.


Why You May Have A Tax Debt

Your tax calculation is based on how much tax has been withheld for you during the year. If more was withheld than necessary or other factors reduce your taxable income, you may get a tax refund. However, you may end up with a tax debt instead for a range of reasons, such as:

  • your employer didn’t withhold enough tax
  • you claimed the tax free threshold from two jobs
  • you didn’t have HECS or HELP deducted from your tax.


Late Tax Returns

Sometimes people go for several years without completing a tax return. Then one day they receive a letter from the ATO demanding that they catch up on late returns. If this happens to you, our tax agents at Vault are happy to help. We don’t judge – we just welcome the challenge!

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