Personal Tax Advice

Tax laws in Australia change surprisingly often, and staying up to date and compliant with taxation is a challenge. That’s why aligning with a professional tax consultant is so important to make sure you’re getting current tax advice all the time. The Vault tax consulting team has worked with large and small businesses for more than 15 years. We’ve provided tax planning and tax advice to clients from individual taxpayers up to listed and pre-IPO entities. We’re experts in state and federal tax laws. Our tax consultants also work with accounting firms to increase their skills in and knowledge of tax planning. Many firms, particularly our rural and regional accountants, want to provide a more holistic service to their clients than their training allows. This is where we come in.


Tax Planning And Advice For Businesses

We strongly believe that accountants shouldn’t be visitors that you see only once a year to get your financial statements. They should be a core part of your business to help you go from a startup to a global enterprise. That’s why, at Vault, we do tax accounting a little differently – we’re future focused. We look for the best outcome not just for today, but also for the future. This ensures that today’s solutions don’t become tomorrow’s problems. For example, sometimes tax efficiency might not give you the best result – in reality, it’s a balancing act between multiple considerations. That’s why accounting should never be a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is different. Our Vault tax consultants are also experts at finding potential issues early before they become big problems in your business. This is where we really shine – saving you time and money by managing risks as they arise.

We know your business inside out and communicate with you often, so we see issues that your once-a-year accountant will never see.


Tax Consulting And Training For Tax Accountants

An important service we offer our industry is tax training and consulting for accounting firms to increase their skills and knowledge in tax planning and advice. We work with professional accounting firms to provide an adjunct service to their existing offering, either as a white label solution or through direct engagement. Our wholesale solution is ideal for accounting firms that aren’t always serviced by larger providers or are a bit off the beaten track, like rural and regional firms. Our team can help you reach your full potential, as you can leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to reduce your clients’ tax liabilities and protect their interests. Our future focus means we provide advice that’s appropriate for the short and long term. We also ensure our solutions align with any estate and succession planning, risk management and mitigation, and optimized tax efficiency.

When you partner with us, you have a team that will:

  • invest time to really understand your accounting firm
  • provide training and resources
  • give you the tools to enhance your client offering.

Take advantage of everything we know! We’re happy to be a sounding board for you, provide alternative views, and share our insights and observations, with a strong focus on thought leadership and market engagement. 

And we never hold back our knowledge – we have an open door to sharing our resources.


Tax Training For Rural Tax Accountants

Australia is a big country and accountants in rural and regional areas face challenges that are different from their city counterparts. To support our rural partners, we can travel to provide training and tax consulting. While online meetings can be useful, there’s a lot of value in training in an open environment with a whiteboard and face-to-face conversations. We can talk not only to you, but also to your clients – to understand their needs and the value we can bring. So when you partner with us, you have a team that works with you – whether you’re based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or rural Australia. We will happily invest our resources to help develop your team. And, of course, we’re only a phone call away as well!


We Can Come To You

Our Vault tax consultants are never far away. We have permanent offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, with visiting offices in Geelong, Gold Coast and rural Australia. Additionally, our team can travel to see you face to face. In fact, we prefer to meet you in person, so we can see your business and where we can help. Then we can give practical advice based on a complete understanding of your business.

Vault Business Advisors is now The Accountants