Engineers and science workers tax deductions: Working in Science and Engineering, whether as an engineer, dietitian, scientist, researcher, surveyor, or zookeeper, involves various technical and specialized roles.

Science and Engineering encompass a wide range of occupations, including Engineer (civil, aeronautical, geotechnical, IT, sound, etc.), Laboratory technician, Draftsperson, Geologist, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Chemist, Pharmacist, Researcher, Scientist, Zookeeper, Surveyor.

Here is a list of the most common tax deductions available for these professions to help maximize your annual tax refund.

Internet Use

If you sometimes work from home or out and about, you can claim a work-related portion of your internet bill. Keep a record of your internet use for a typical month to determine the work-related percentage for your tax return.

Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phone use for work, including making/receiving calls or using it for security purposes, is deductible. Review your phone bill to work out the work-related percentage for your tax return.

Work Related Car Tax Deductions

For engineers and science workers using their own cars for work, car use can be a significant tax deduction. This excludes travel from home to work but includes travel between work locations, events, meetings, or conferences.

You can use the Logbook Method or claim per kilometre for up to 5,000 km per year. The rate per kilometre changes each tax year.

Clothing and Laundry Expenses

Tax-deductible clothing includes items with business logos or branding. General corporate/business clothes are not deductible. You can also claim laundering costs for deductible items.

Protective Clothing and Equipment

Goggles, sun protection (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen), protective boots, smocks, hi-vis vests, and outdoor winter jackets (where required) are deductible.


Personal computer or laptop use for work, including software and hardware, is deductible. Claim the full cost of items up to $300 or the depreciating cost for items over $300.

Conferences, Training or Seminars

Expenses for further training, work-related events, or conferences are deductible. This includes meals, accommodation, transport, and required items for training.

Stationery and Work Bags

Stationery, diaries, planners, pens, notebooks, and work or laptop bags used for transporting work items are deductible. Apportion the cost for personal use items.

Annual Union and Membership Fees

Membership fees for required regulatory bodies and unions in fields like engineering, science, and dietetics are deductible.

Magazines and Books

Industry-based magazine or publication subscriptions for work purposes are deductible. Document their work use and keep receipts.

Tax Agent Expenses

Expenses incurred on tax agent services in the previous year are deductible on your next tax return. Keep a record of your tax agent fees.