Vault was an early adopter of the work from home (WFH) model. We saw quickly how our team and clients would benefit from a flexible work environment. Recently, we decided to formally move to a shared office arrangement, and give the Vault team the option to work from home full time or attend the office.

The team agreed that working from home would give them:

  • more time for themselves
  • more flexibility about when they work
  • less time on the bus or ferry, or in the car.

Of course, we’ve experienced the same teething issues that all businesses have, but overall it’s been a positive move. The Vault WFH model has dramatically increased our geographic spread. We have team members located in Geelong and country NSW, with one even living in his van while he explores Australia. We believe we’ve found the best working arrangement for our team. Even better, the WFH model helps us serve our clients more effectively, efficiently and promptly.

Our digital meetings tend to be more productive. And, while waiting for borders to fully open, we’ve developed a client base in every Australian state and territory without even meeting some clients face to face (yet!). As we continue to refine our digital business model, we expect to expand and improve the WFH model to give our team a flexible work–life balance and share our experiences with all our business clients – no matter where they’re located!