Vault Business Advisors has recently acquired “Maltby Philip & Co” an accounting firm based in Moree and Bingara. The firm was originally established by Phil Maltby who is a veteran of the accounting industry having worked for over 40 years in regional New South Wales. Mr. Maltby has been based in Bingara since the late 1980’s and in Moree since 1991. 

After working as an accountant for over 4 decades, Phil has decided to resign as the head of “Maltby Philip & Co” but will continue to spend the next 12 months assisting with audits for another year before officially deciding to completely retire.  

In conjunction with being Vault Group, the firm will also be taken over by Julie and Debbie who have already been working for Phil for a number of years. 

“I’m glad to be handing over the practice to a capable team, that Julie and Debbie are staying can give you confidence that you are in safe hands. I’ll be sad to be finishing up, but I am still being involved in the audits for the foreseeable future, I am looking forward to finally getting a chance to spend more time with family and friends,” says Phil Maltby.

When reflecting on his time spent working in Moree and Bingara, Mr. Maltby has plenty of fond memories.

“Moree like most rural communities has had its ups and downs, but the last few years it has been great to see consistent rains and a buzz of enthusiasm. Similarly, to Moore, Bingara has such a community and it is something that I am going to miss. The travel has been great and it is something that I am going to miss, nothing can replace the face to face with clients, it’s lucky that Craig is happy to jump in a car,” says Phil Maltby.

Craig Dangar and the team at Vault are excited about the challenges associated with taking over Phil’s business and using their experience to add positive change into the communities of Moree and Bingara.

“We are so proud to be bringing Phil’s firm into ours and are looking forward to the challenge” says Craig Dangar. 

When reflecting on his career, Phil says that technology has played a huge role in the evolution of his business and the accounting industry as a whole.

“Technology has changed everything, by necessity we have run remote offices for the last few years, and it is something that the guys at Vault look like they will be improving on,” says Mr. Maltby.

Phil Maltby is also happy about Vault taking over his business and he trusts that they will enhance his businesses reputation and keep his clients happy.

“It has been hard to find a suitable firm to sell to, one that is willing to invest the time into the smaller communities and willing to keep Debbie and Julie for the long term. With the premises remaining and the team being retained, I am happy with the outcome,” says Phil Maltby.