Running a business that offers a service to help others is a fulfilling thing to do. However, sometimes you may experience a difficult client who is hard to communicate with and hard to help them achieve their goals and business aspirations. Sometimes there will be challenges in their personal life which might directly impact their ability to run their business as best as they possibly can. Here are signs that your client is in trouble.

They Are Behaving and Thinking Irrationally

A major sign that your client is struggling is when they begin to make high-risk decision based on their emotions without properly thinking through all the possible side-effects that could occur as a result of the decision.

It becomes very problematic when a client makes decisions without using strategy tools and also starts to isolate themselves, begins second-guessing everything they do and makes reactions based on fear.

Your Client Is Avoiding Your Emails

If your client is avoiding your emails that could be a sign that something bad is happening in their personal life. It is strongly recommended that you try to contact your client via a phone call. Most people rely so heavily on digital communication that they forget about the value of talking over the phone. Talking over the phone is a highly effective way to enhance your relationship with your client. If they avoid your phone call it might be a good idea to send a text message asking for when you can organise a time to chat over the phone that suits both yourself and your clients schedule. 

They Appear To Be Stressed When You Talk To Them

It is very concerning when your client is stressed. When they are stressed, it will be harder to communicate with them and for them to get into a state of mind where they can be productive and work co-operate with you in a way that is going to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

If a client is stressed their bodies will be tense and they will find it hard to focus. If this is case it might a good idea to check if your client is okay and if there is anything they need to talk to you about in order to put their mind ease and also to make it easier to work with them. Knowing their situation will make it easier for you to communicate with and express empathy for their situation. If you can show to your client that you are an active listener who is non-judgement this will ultimately and most likely make your client find you more trustworthy and reliable.

They Are Lacking Focus and Are Hitting Roadblocks in Their Life

A reason as to why your client might be struggling to focus might be due to a significant event that has occurred in their personal life. This major event might have consequently been negative and caused them a great deal of pain. For example; your client might have ended a romantic relationship recently or experienced the death of a family or friend. There are so many factors that could contribute towards how your client is feeling and why they are struggling to connect and communicate with you.

They Feel Stuck and Like They Are Underachieving

Sometimes your client will have huge dreams and aspirations associated with their business that are being left unfulfilled. It is not uncommon for a business owner to feel like they are underachieving and are falling behind in regards to reaching deadlines and accomplishing the amount of progress they had hoped to have achieved after certain time-frames. It is important to encourage your client to stay strong during challenging times and to not give up when they face obstacles particularly during situations that are influenced by factors that are completely out of their control and not a reflection of the amount of effort they have put into their business and its state of growth.