Having a powerful marketing strategy is essential for any business that wants to reach more customers and retain the loyalty of the customers they have already accumulated. Many people think that a business needs to spend large amounts of money to establish an effective marketing campaign, this could be further from the truth. Here is a list of tips that a business can follow if they aspire to develop a powerful marketing strategy with a small marketing budget.

Be Consistent And Visible On Social Media

If you want your business to improve their presence on social media it is essential for you to be posting on a frequent basis and making sure the content you post is high quality and relatable to your customers and desired target audience. If customers are contacting you via messenger it is important that you respond to their messages in a quick and timely manner.

Make The Most of Any Free Resources That Are Available

It is important to identify any resources which are available for free. For example; using your network on LinkedIn is free, sending an email is free and so on. Then, when looking at hiring or consulting with the right people it saves plenty of time and money to hand it to people who will do it right the first time.

Focus On Achieving Quality Versus Quantity Of Reach

It is wise to focus on quality of reach instead of quantity of reach by tapping into vulnerability. It is important to connect to the soul behind the business, to reach the ears of those who need to hear it. Thoughtful and vulnerable messaging can create more impact, action and advocacy when you focus on one powerful piece of content versus focusing on traditional mass marketing strategies.

Keep An Email Database To Remain In Contact With Your Customers

It is also a good idea for your business to keep a database with the email addresses of all your customers and send out a newsletter on a monthly, weekly or fortnightly basis depending on the nature of your business. Sending a personalised email to your customer especially on milestone dates such as their birthday and offering a discount on your service or product is a great way to maintain and re-attract customers via email.

Collaborate With Other Individuals Or Brands

This is also one thing that you can do if you have a small marketing budget, is to utilize your connection, it is highly recommendable that if you have existing relationships with other brands or personalities, is to collaborate with these individuals or businesses who have an existing audience that is aligned with your customer base and target audience. Tapping into a built-in audience and adding value whether it be educational content or entertainment or both is not only highly effective in terms of targeted reach, but also cost-effective if you are able to create a win-win collaboration.

Make A Guest Appearance On Podcasts Or Create Your Own Podcast

Many business personalities have launched their own podcast. Many podcast hosts are in need of having quality guests appear on their show. If your expertise allows you to give valuable insights to the podcast and listeners, you may benefit from driving awareness for your brand. Your expertise will support them and your efforts. Seeking to add value to someone else in the process may lend traffic to your site by way of goodwill shown to others.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical and often overlooked. Many guides exist for entrepreneurs to follow to evaluate the effectiveness of their website without needing to invest in outside counsel. Google Ads can also be incredibly effective, though it is expensive, so SEO is the best place to start. Once the groundwork has been laid, you can invest more as the business grows to further engage with your audience.

Have a Small Marketing Budget? It’s Not An Excuse For Having A Low-Quality Website

On top of using social media platforms to engage in conversation with customers it is also important to have a website that can serve as a base that links all of the business’s social media platforms together. To give your business social-proof it is also a great idea to include testimonies on your website written by satisfied customers. Websites can also include a blog section where an employee from your company can post feature articles about topics relating to different trends and topics that are currently occurring with the industry of which the business operates in. Creating a website with a small marketing budget can be done; you can use tools like WordPress to build your website and make it look professional and high quality.