Craig Dangar

Senior Partner – Taxation and Advisory

With an extensive career spanning over two decades, Craig Dangar has amassed a wealth of invaluable experience in the intricate domains of taxation and restructuring. Having navigated the complex landscape of financial regulations and business transformations, Craig has become a seasoned professional renowned for his nuanced understanding of these intricate fields. His journey is marked by a continuous commitment to staying abreast of evolving regulatory frameworks and industry trends, ensuring that his clients benefit from the most up-to-date and effective strategies.

Specializing in commercial advisory and restructuring, Craig brings a dedicated focus to the table, ensuring that clients receive personalized attention for their long-term tax planning objectives. Recognizing that each business is unique, Craig collaborates closely with clients to tailor strategies that align seamlessly with their overarching goals. His expertise extends beyond mere compliance, delving into the realms of strategic management, robust controls, and meticulous long-term business planning. By working collaboratively with business owners, Craig gains a comprehensive understanding of their specific challenges and aspirations, enabling him to offer targeted insights that extend beyond immediate financial considerations. This client-centric approach positions Craig as a trusted advisor, not only optimizing tax planning but also contributing to the broader success and resilience of the businesses he serves.

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