Rhea Forshaw

Office Manager

Rhea Forshaw, the newest addition to the team, serving as an efficient and resourceful Office Manager. Rhea brings a wealth of experience to the role, having finely tuned her skills in team leadership and client relationship management throughout her career. Her sharp organisational skills, coupled with an innate knack for detail, distinguish her as a professional adept at steering through complexities with ease and effectiveness. Rhea’s proven track record is a testament to her ability to navigate challenges, making her an invaluable asset in ensuring the seamless functioning of our operations and enhancing the overall efficiency of the team.

In her role as Office Manager, Rhea assumes the critical responsibility of making sure your experience with Vault runs like a well-oiled machine. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her proactive and hands-on approach, ensures that every interaction is characterized by a smooth and client-centric experience. Whether it’s overseeing internal processes or facilitating external engagements, Rhea’s dedication to ensuring a seamless experience underscores her pivotal role in elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of Vault’s operations.

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