Valerie Beis

General Manager

Meet Valerie, our adept General Manager, whose journey with us began through the merger with Bryant and Associates. Bringing a wealth of experience in compliance, taxation, and structuring, Valerie has become an integral part of our team. In her role as the General Manager, she shoulders the responsibility of ensuring that every aspect of your experience with us is not only efficient but also seamlessly integrated. Valerie’s expertise extends beyond the traditional boundaries of an office manager; her comprehensive understanding of compliance and taxation intricacies adds a layer of precision to our operations. Her commitment to excellence and her hands-on approach make Valerie an invaluable asset in creating a smooth and client-focused environment within our organization.

In addition to her role as General Manager, Valerie also continues to play a pivotal role in supporting and advising the Bryant business. This dual responsibility is a testament to her versatility and the trust placed in her capabilities. Valerie’s ability to navigate complex business landscapes while maintaining a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction underscores her dedication to driving success within our company.

Vault Business Advisors is now The Accountants