Xero is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses who are wanting to make it easier for them to manage the finances of their business. The features available to use on Xero are extremely easy to use and can be accessed at anytime and anywhere in the world.

Here is a list of benefits associated with using Xero.

Xero Makes Your Invoices Look Smooth and Professional

If you have a clean and slick looking invoice you will be perceived as more professional to your clients. One of the most effective features and functions on Xero is the software’s extremely customised invoicing templates. 

By using Xero, you can generate professional invoices very quickly and also send them straight from your mobile devices. On top of having invoices that look attractive the software also allows you to get paid much faster as well.

You can accept payments straight away online through a number of different payment provider options via the Xero app marketplace. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that the Xero online payments services all have a variety of different fee structures. Therefore, this means that for some business this might not be a fee you wish to pay for.

Everything On the Software Is Pretty Much Automated 

Using Xero means that you will spend a much lesser amount of time entering manual data and you will therefore have more time available to complete less mundane tasks that will help your business. This feature makes Xero much more valuable to use than Excel or MYOB or QuickBooks.

The features available on Xero offer users accurate information that will make it easier for you to make real-time decisions. This consequently will create a more successful small business or finance department.

The automated daily bank feeds that are available via Xero can import transactions directly from your financial institution straight to your feed and is ready for you to reconcile.

A popular feature on Xero is ‘Find and Recode’. This feature allows the users accountant to update multiple transactions at the same time. This feature is helpful for anyone who needs any form of assistance with fixing similar transactions that were inaccurately accounted for.

Xero Can Be Connected Directly With Your Bank

Xero is extremely valuable to businesses as its software connects directly with your bank. The proficiency of Xero’s ability to get a person’s bank data directly into the software is incredible. Xero has the capacity to bring it in on a daily basis, and will make sure that you remain caught up through yesterdays’ banking activity.

Xero Logo.

You Don’t Need to Be Finance Expert to Understand How to Use Xero Properly 

One of the most beneficial things about Xero is that it was created with the small business users in mind as opposed to being designed for accountants. This means that Xero is the perfect accounting software choice for a business that is small or medium sized.

The search functionality makes Xero extremely easy to use and allows you to find contacts, invoices, bank transactions and bills quickly and with exceptional accuracy.

Xero also has a very valuable number of resources available and a help desk. Xero has a number of support articles related to every topic you can possibly think of and a library called Xero Learning that features, videos, courses and webinars. 

For clients who are planning to make the shift to Xero, the team at Vault Business Advisors are available to help you through the transition phase and help you under the features and functions available via the accounting software.