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Moree in Northern NSW has a small but upbeat population of just under 8,000. Moree is best known for being a major agricultural hub. Moree has a huge cotton-growing industry which has been operating since the early 1960s.

Businesses in small towns have unique challenges that are different to the challenges faced by a lot of businesses located in capital cities. The team at Vault Accountants is very passionate about assisting businesses in regional areas.

Vault has recently acquired “Maltby Philip & Co” an accounting firm based in Moree and Bingara. The firm was originally established by Phil Maltby who is a veteran of the accounting industry having worked for over 40 years in regional New South Wales. Mr. Maltby has been based in Bingara since the late 1980’s and in Moree since 1991. 

“Moree like most rural communities has had its ups and downs, but the last few years it has been great to see consistent rains and a buzz of enthusiasm. Similarly, to Moore, Bingara has such a community and it is something that I am going to miss. The travel has been great and it is something that I am going to miss, nothing can replace the face to face with clients, it’s lucky that Craig, Craig and Tyler are happy to jump in a car,” says Phil Maltby.

Moree is an emerging tourist destination that is definitely worth a visit. Although it is not as well-known as some of NSW’s other small towns you will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore when you visiting Moree.

Moree Plains is celebrated for its mineral-rich, naturally heated Artesian Water which provides visitors with a variety of ways to experience this unique and relaxing natural wonder.

Moree also has plenty of art galleries. The Yaama Ganu Centre is home to Cafe Gali & the Yaama Ganu Gallery, a non-for-profit Aboriginal art gallery.

The Dhiiyaan Aboriginal Centre is another place worth visting. The centre includes over 110, 000 genealogies of families, records of Aboriginal ex-servicemen, artefacts, art and over 15, 000 photographs. The centre is a major source for Aboriginal history across the Gamilaroi nation and the entirety of NSW.

Bingara has a population that is even smaller than Moree with only 1,300 people living there. Bingara is located in a tranquil valley on the banks of the Gwydir River. The smallw town Bingara is full of fascinating gold rush heritage. Bingara is best known as a historic gold and diamond mining town. It is also a town that is perfect for outdoor adventure, and a great place for fossicking and fishing.

Bingara is a beautiful town, it has clean air, clear skies and a wonderful climate. Not only is Bingara blessed with its natural beauty, it’s full of people who are passionate about their local community.

Starting a small business in a small town is a risky decision to make. However, if it is done properly, it can be significantly beneficial to both your business and the local community it aims to serve.

One major advantage of operating a business is a small town is the fact that there is significantly more limited competition from other businesses located in the small town in comparison to the large number of businesses that are scattered across a capital city.  Another huge benefit associated with running a business in a small town is having to pay significantly lower operating costs.

Craig Dangar, Tyler Bisgrove, Craig Dangar and the team at Vault are excited about the challenges associated with taking over Phil’s business and using their experience to add positive change into the communities of Moree and Bingara.

“We are so proud to be bringing Phil’s firm into ours and are looking forward to the challenge” says Craig Dangar. 

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