Vault Accountants and Business Advisers was reengineered in 2020 by Brad A. Gunn and Craig Dangar. This merger combined the services of two complementary businesses: Vault Accountants (Aust) Pty Ltd and C&D Restructure and Taxation Advisory.

Vault provides a range of commercial and business advisory services, including

  • business advisory
  • tax planning
  • business restructure
  • bookkeeping
  • commercial tax & accounting.

Brad A. Gunn established Vault Accountants (Aust) Pty Ltd in 2009 to give businesses a true commercial partner – someone with real experience in business, rather than someone who prepares tax returns and calls clients once a year. Brad has always been innovative in business, deciding early on that the digital model would be the cornerstone of his practice.

Craig Dangar established C&D Restructure and Taxation Advisory in 2014 to specialize in commercial advisory, restructure, and taxation advisory. Craig saw that advice in these areas was lacking, so he aimed to develop a firm that gives advice, not just options, and works closely with businesses at all stages of their business.

Craig and Brad realized that, by bringing their services together under one banner, they could provide a better option for business clients. They both passionately believe that accountants should do more than prepare financial statements – they should be an invaluable part of a business and help a client with every aspect of their business journey. Clients shouldn’t view their accountant as a visitor they see once a year. This philosophy led Brad and Craig to create an all-encompassing approach to Vault. And, since its establishment, Vault has continued to give clients essential, practical and candid commercial business advice. The Vault team includes bookkeeping, tax agent and advisory business experts who work together to help clients achieve their personal and business goals. This talented team has a wealth of experience in business from inception to departure. This enables them to give the most up-to-date commercial and business planning advice.