It is common for business owners to burn out quickly when they start a new business. One of the reasons why business owners get burnt out is because they believe that they can do everything by themselves without getting help from other people.

The situation becomes even more messy when the business owner doesn’t allocate any time to work on the growth of their business or give themselves time to develop planning strategies or focus on future business opportunities.

This highlights the emphasis for business owners to make sure that they work on their business as well as simply just working in their business.

Business owners generally have a passion for the work that they are doing and therefore they often struggle to trust other people to help them with their business as they fear that the other people, they work with won’t put in the same amount of effort or passion to help ensure the success of their business.

If you want your business to succeed you have to be more strategic with how you use and invest time spent working on your business. As a business owner you need to train and train your employees to run aspects of your business and give them freedom to grow and help your business evolve and trust that they can add value and assist with the success of your business.

You can train your employees with strong leadership and clearly outlining your expectations. You also need to invest time into helping your employees develop the skills necessary to run your business for times when you are unavailable and too preoccupied with other business-related tasks.

Once you have your employees trained properly you can than invest more time into working on your business. Elements associated with working on your business include; figuring out financial projections and forecasts, goal setting, setting a strategic vision, creating strategic alliances with other businesses and stakeholders and your produce suppliers.

Working on all these elements of your business are essential to moving your business forward and ensuring it’s growth.

It might also be a great idea to get a business coach to help you structure your daily schedule so that you are getting the most value out of your time.

All in your working in your business can be defined as spending time managing your business today. In comparison working on your business is investing your time to ensure that your business can become more successful tomorrow.

It is also important understand that your business cannot grow unless you make an effort to also grow as an individual person.

You as a business owner are the boss of your life and therefore you must hold yourself accountable for training and educating yourself and making sure that you continue to develop as a person. This can be accomplished by reading books, listening to podcasts and going to public events and personal development workshops and presentations.

You need to take care of your health and treat yourself like you are your best paying client. You need to show huge amounts of your respect to yourself and care for yourself because ultimately your business can not exist without you during its early years as you are the one who has created the business in the first place.

On top of looking after your health you need to know where you are going and why you are wanting to go there. You need to make some super important strategic decisions and once you are clear on your vision you can set goal that are meaningful and relevant that can guide you on your journey towards success.

Business planning is critical for all business owners, Craig is running events in 2023 on what business planning is and how it can improve your business. Visit here to see when the next session is on.